Case Studies

Case studies are a nice way to understand what Customer Area can do in real world situations. For each case, we have detailed the requirements, what can be done with the free plugin, which add-ons have been required, and the total cost of the solution.

  1. A school exchange platform
    Customer Area and some add-ons can be used to easily build a very useful platform for teachers, students and staff members to exchange documents and private messages.
  2. A small company client area
    Relationship with customer is very important to any company. An area where clients can download their invoices or private documents is a convenient way to encourage them to regularly visit your website and build the trust they have in the company.


General topics

Advanced topics

  • Developer tools
    Customer Area provides a few tools to help developers when they need to extend or change the plugin behaviour
  • Front-office pages
    The pages of Customer Area behave similarly depending on the class they extend (their "type"). Each of those type will provide standard hooks and uses templates in a similar way.
  • The template system in Customer Area
    The Customer Area plugin allows you to fully customize the way information gets displayed. You can change that at different levels: from the general layout of all pages, to the way each item in a list gets displayed.


If you want to update an existing translation or even make a new one for your languages, we have a small introduction about how to do that easily. Else, you will find below a list of all the translations we got from contributors. You can use the latest there is, but no guarantee is given that all the texts will be translated except for French language.