Available translations

You can use the latest file available, but no guarantee is given that all the texts will be translated except for French language.


We would be pleased to include your translation in our listing above. We give to the community a free base plugin and a French translation, but we lack the knowledge to translate it in the hundreds of other languages that exist. If you feel you would also like to give back to the community and help other users speaking your language, you can translate the plugin yourself, it is pretty easy:

  • Download and install the free software named poEdit. We will use it to make the translations.
  • Unzip the plugin or add-on you want to translate
  • Go to the languages folder
  • Find out what your language code is. For example, for French in France, it is fr_FR. For French in Canada, it is fr_CA. For Spanish in Spain: es_ES, for Portuguese in Brazil: pr_BR. And so on.
  • If a file with the .po extension exists for you language, you can open it directly. If such a file does not yet exist, you can simply copy the French translation and rename that file with your own language code instead of fr_FR.
  • Open the .po file with poEdit
  • Click on the update button to make sure the translation file is up to date with the code.
  • Translate all the texts
  • Save (a .mo file will be created)
  • Test on your website to see the translations (if your website is not yet using your language, you may have to configure WordPress)

Of course, there may be better tutorials on the web, make a google search in your language for “wordpress plugin poedit tutorial”, we are sure you’ll get something interesting.